August 27, 2011
I want a nephew or niece already, give me a baby

Durian: Lisa said you were pretty.

Tuna: Really?! She was pretty too! I didn’t talk to her much, but I really wanted to…

Durian: Why not?

Tuna: Because…

Durian: I don’t care what you say to her. You can lick her face and I wouldn’t care.

Tuna: Well, I have a bad history with your friends.

Durian: Oh, I don’t care what you say to the girls.

Tuna: Really?! I can talk to her?! Oh no, I missed my chance! So I can go up to her and say, “Hey, does Durian have a girlfriend? Why doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Why aren’t you his girlfiend?! BANISHMENT!” :D

Durian: …

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