August 19, 2011
The boy and the house centipede

A few summers ago, Tuna is in the living room when she hears a bloodcurdling scream. She runs upstairs to hear her brother yelling her name. “There’s a bug! A sbug! Kill it!” he yelps. Tuna rushes into her brother’s room to find Durian at the door staring at the innocent centipede.

Tuna grabs a piece of paper and brushes the spider onto it. With the centipede slowly crawling around the paper, she slowly begins to back out of the room. “What are you doing?! It’s going to fall on my bed! Kill it! Kill it!”, Durian yelps. 

The centipede lies dormant on the piece of paper, twitching slightly ‘round the paper. Then it falls onto the floor and starts scurrying about fast-like. Tuna and Durian gives twin screeches and start running, hopping, and jumping onto beds. Durian, with his (inherited) quick-thinking skills, flips his garbage can onto the house—trapping it.

"OK, you’re on your own now", Tuna says to Durian. Durian is flabbergasted to have to sleep with a spider underneath a garbage can in his room. "But what if it escapes?" he asks. "It won’t," Tuna reassures him.

The next morning, Tuna and Durian checks on the house centipede. There’s nothing underneath the garbage can. Durian’s face is a mask of horror. 

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