March 5, 2012
It’s the thought that counts

The door bell rings. Tuna opens the door for Durian.

Tuna: Did you get a present for Nuna?

Durian: No. Why?

Tuna: It’s her birthday today.

Durian: What? Really? Oh no. Should I get a present?

Tuna: Yes, get her Coke.

Durian: OK.

Durian leaves for the grocery store next door. Tuna opens the door for him once again when he rings the doorbell. With his present hidden underneath his jacket, he runs up the stairs before Nuna in the living room could see. 10 minutes later, he yells for Nuna.

Durian: NUNA! NUNA! Come up here! Look on your bed! Look on your bed!

Nuna comes upstairs and looks on her bed. On top of her pillow is a perfectly placed 2L bottle of Coke lying in the middle of her pillow. How long did Durian struggle with positioning that bottle of Coke…


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