November 23, 2011

Tuna is on the bus when a woman sitting opposite of her strikes up a conversation. Tina finds out that the woman comes from China. The Chinese woman admires her colleague’s English accent, “They sound like the people on TV. You [Tuna] sound different…” While Tuna tries to figure out whether she was just insulted, their conversation continues on. Canada’s a great place to live, the Chinese woman has had a lot of jobs, Tuna is studying at the university, Tuna has never been to China before and would adore the opportunity to visit blah blah blah.

Chinese Woman: You should go. Canadian money is worth a lot in China. Everyone in China is rich. They have a lot of money. 

Tuna: Really? There’s a lot of international Chinese students at my school.

Chinese Woman: Yes. You should get Chinese boyfriend. They have rich parents. 

With this woman’s blessing, perhaps Tuna will start dating a Chinese boy for his money. Tru dat.

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