September 28, 2011
The old man in Chinatown

Momma, Tuna, and Nuna are eating a meal at a food court in Toronto’s Chinatown. Nuna happens to be eating a dish of fried rice with fried chicken. She closes her styrofoam box when she’s finished.

An old man shuffles towards the family, his tall, skinny frame bending down to speak to Nuna. “Are you going to eat that?”, he asks in a squeaky whispery voice. “This?” Nina gestures to her mostly demolished meal. “There’s almost nothing left, are you sure?”

"Yes, dear." the old man says. His cheeks are sunken and his lips wrap around almost toothless gums. "Well, OK…" Nina’s about to pass her box over to the man when Momma stops her and gestures the old man to follow her.

Momma leads him to the counter of one of the fast food joints and orders him another box of fried rice with fried chicken. He nods his thanks and sits at a vacant table to eat. 

"Sometimes, you have to help them." Momma says.

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